Ouch! My Back!

Integrative Movement & Katmah Training

‘Tis the season for joint pain- especially low back pain. With all the business of the holidays we inherently spend more time rushing to and fro, sitting and visiting, and taking less care of ourselves.

It’s the time of year where I start to get more complaints from my clients and patients about nagging back pain, and/or “throwing” their backs out.

It’s a common complaint no matter what time of the year, but in the cold, slippery months that accompany the beginning of winter- it becomes more and more frequent. Whether it’s from slipping on ice, lifting heavy boxes, spending too many hours driving or standing, sleeping in different places, or just stress and tension. The last thing we want during the holidays is to be laid up with pain.

So- what do you do when you experience that pain, or that incident that causes the back complaints?

If you’ve…

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Now this is brain-rest. Much more productive then trying to work on a case study, I’d say.

Like I never left


Not that I actually went that far. Bit dramatic- it was really only 6 months off this time.

Got on Willard for the first time tonight he was, dare I say, perfect! Compared to last spring when it was like riding a horse who forgot most of his training- tonight he floated around like this was his day job. I think he was equally as happy as I am to be back in work. When I got to the barn and put him in the cross ties I swear I saw a glint of excitement in his eyes. And then a look of disappointment as he peered out of his stall at me as I left the barn. “Are you leaving already, mom?”.
If this is any sort of foreshadowing for the next few months- I’ll take it!



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Good Morning!


Up before the sun today! Alarm went off at 3:30am and now I’m packed and ready to catch a cab to the airport and get back to the rest of my life again!


Before and After.


Have a lesson again today, so attacked my poor horse with my weapons of torture (aka the pulling comb and scissors). We went from gypsy horse to something that looks more like a competition horse. One step closer. More later!

My boys!

Will and Felix.




Helloooo South Island

Lindy and Jude Elliot were waiting for me along with this gorgeous NZ super star, Richie McCaw- the All Blacks Captain! Could not let him walk away without stopping him to say hi, of course. Which I’m sure he gets a lot seeing as he’s kinda famous and all that. Really cool to meet him after watching him lead his team in such an awesome World Cup! Plus we have very similar hairstyles! Never thought I’d be able to say I have the same hair as a rugby player.. But life moves in mysterious ways- evidently!