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Go and Be Good, Eh?

Day 5-

New classes today, Open Low Hunter (3ft) and Adult Amateur/Non-Pro Hunter (3ft). The open low round was basically a warm up, first class of the day. Not much chance of placing no matter how good the round is. But, the round went well. A little speedy for the coach, but that’s alright.

The second round was fabulous! Definitely the best round I’ve had yet, anywhere. Beautiful slow pace, and fantastic jumps. Won that class! A friend that also shows, Dena, who is older placed third in the same class. This is my first year competing in adult/amateur classes and she made a point of first telling me how awesome my round was, and then giving me shit for beating her.

“You aren’t supposed to put in rounds like that now that you’re an adult! Not when you’re in my classes!”

Day 6-

Same classes today, plus an under saddle for adult/ami. Open round went well, a little fast again though. My second ami round, which was a handy today was decent, although the first line was slightly messy. He didn’t catch his lead into the corner after the first jump, which set him up awkwardly for the line. He kinda knocked his way over the second jump in the line. The roll back turns were very nice though. I placed 7th miraculously in that class.

Then I had my flat class for the Ami division. He went VERY well. Probably the best he’s ever gone on the flat. However, he wasn’t placed. My theory about this judge not liking greys is becoming a fact. Especially grey thoroughbreds!

Over all a good couple of days. Now to finish up the last 2 days of fair week! 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on katmah and commented:

    Great memories from a couple years ago when I was competing at RMWF. Can’t wait to go up there tomorrow as a spectator and play a game of”how-many-people-can-I-catch-up-with-in-a-day-because-it’s-been-way-too-long”.

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