The Katmah Experience

living and learning one day at a time.


Left here Friday, and ended up getting to the show too late to do schooling rounds. Didn’t worry me too much, as none of the jumps were anything Willard hasn’t seen before. And it was a three day show, so I used Saturday as my warm up day. The whole weekend turned out to be a giant schooling day as we discovered that one strides and us didn’t work well.

On Saturday morning we competed in two 2’9 jumpers, the first of which went very well.  Will jumped around like a champ, handling a two stride with no problems! The second round went alright, except we stopped out at the once stride.  Later that day we moved onto our hunter rounds, two 3ft classes. My first round was decent, the second round was going well until we got in close to an oxer coming out of a line and he kinda bull dozed through it, and because of the copious amounts of rain falling, my foot slipped and I literally slid out of the saddle. I managed to land in a way that didn’t hurt my back, thankfully. I as a little (still am) sore, but nothing too worrisome.

Prepping for our Friday evening hack. Sunday rolled around and our morning jumpers didn’t go as well. During our warm up, Mike and Charlene set up a one stride to work on. And it went alright. He spun me off once, and I landed on my feet. We went into our first class and for some reason I was riding very defensively, and the one stride didn’t go well. On our second try he atleast got over the first jump, and had the opportunity to jump the out oxer, but he chose not to. Our second round started out alright, but he wouldn’t go anywhere near the one stride. Literally, four strides out he’d stop. My riding had also gotten much to defensive over the two rounds. Charlene and I decided to drop down into 2’6 and 2’9 hunters, so I could re-establish both the horse and I’s confidence in each other. It was nice going around a little course, not having to think about anything but a nice relaxing pace and being chill. By the end of our hunter rounds, both of us were much more relaxed and my riding was getting back to normal.

Monday we scratched our jumpers, and spent the morning just hanging out waiting for the hunter ring to get around to 2’6 cards. Our warm up was so relaxed and chill. Perfect canter and finding distances to everything. Then we went and hung out by the ring and finally went in for our two schooling hunters (2’6 and 2’9). Once again, good rounds and we were finally starting to get back to our usual selves. It was then agreed that we should do one 3ft class, because everything was going well. The round was decent, I added on all the lines, like I’d been doing with the schooling rounds. Just because I didn’t want to press him or myself, and it was a good experience for us both to just be chill.

My shoulder is very sore from the jumper rounds and all the arguing me and Willard did over the one strides. My foot/lower left leg also started doing the numbness thing again over the weekend. Soo getting that checked out asap.

Overall, not ecstatic about the events of the weekend, but satisfied with how the last day went. Learned lots, and that’s whats important. Definitely realized how important mutual trust is in this sport, and how easily it can be weakened. We came away will things to work on over the next few weeks, and that’s never a bad thing!

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