The Katmah Experience

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Therapy Cocktail.

Yesterday after work mom and I went in to the MHC workshop with an esport physiotherapy specialist ( It was very interesting! A lot of what the clinician covered was stuff that I knew from my coaching courses in University (nutrition, fatigue, basic muscle training, etc), and another good portion of it was stuff I’d experienced and still am experiencing myself. She provided me with many exercises that I’m sure will be beneficial to my riding!  Another point she brought up was that sometimes riding habits/errors can’t be fixed by the rider and coach alone. It sometimes does take a athletic/physio therapist to target muscles that have been injured or strained at some point in time. I can vouch for this, as my riding has definitely improved since I started athletic therapy.  Of course there is more benefit if the therapist has some idea of what the sport entails, but in Manitoba this is very rare. My AT is very good at figuring out what I do, and what I need to do. I think she is the best I’m going to find right now, and she’s been doing a great job dealing with me so far!

Today I decided to take a trip to my chiropractor (who I haven’t been to since December), because my lower back has been a little bit annoying the past few days. I wanted to see if getting adjusted helped some of my other issues, because it did in the past-before I started AT. I think it did too. I mean, I’ll definitely be sore tomorrow -he wasn’t gentle- but the shooting pains down my hip are gone, where they’d been constant all day. He suggested that I consider combining his treatment with my AT’s treatment, which I agree with. The better I feel, the better I ride. I’m determined to make BOTH betters happen. Nobody can perform up to their full potential when dealing with even a small amount of pain, and I’m tired of trying to disprove that fact.

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